Wed-Base FTP Server/Client with a User Friendly Interface.

Give Clients or Colleagues access to files and information they need.

Very easy to setup and control who has access to files and information.

Share files, images, links, status, schedules and more...

No Software to Install.

No Credit Card or Payment Required.

500MB Storage Plan... Free

iPhone app available.

As Published in Live Design Online...

File-sharing services abound these days with the likes of Dropbox, YouSendIt, iDisk, etc. but what's lacking in all of them is both the mindset of entertainment production and the ease of use that is still necessary for those less-than-tech-savvy coworkers. Enter The Project Hub from Upload Studio Ltd.

    • Add your company logos to the web pages.
    Priced Right...
    • Free plan with 500MB of storage space.
    • Affordable yearly plans 2GB to 100GB of storage, starting at $24.99/year.
    • No contracts.
    Safe and Secure...
    • Option to encrypt uploaded files.
    • All pages are managed with a SSL certificate, which creates an encrypted connection between our server and your web browser.
    • Allowing for private information to be transmitted without the problems of eavesdropping, data tampering, or message forgery.

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